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    Semeti Hill, Small Rocky Hills on the Southern End of Semeti Beach

    Semeti Hills, also known as Bukit Semeti, is a group of small rocky hills on the southern end of Semeti Beach. The hills are a great secluded spot perfect for escaping the hectic vibes of Kuta Lombok.

    We visited Semeti Hills and Semeti Beach after a long day exploring many epic beaches on the Southern Lombok coastline. We wrapped the day up by admiring the pyramid hills and watched the sunset over the ocean.

    How to Get There

    The best way to get to Semeti Hills is to rent a motorbike in Kuta Lombok. The standard rate for daily hire is roughly 50 000 Rupiah per day.

    If you dont have your own bike and youre considering a day trip, We'd recommend taking the Nambung beach and Semeti Hills Day tour from Kuta Lombok.

    Semeti Hills is located approximately 45 minutes from the main strip at Kuta Lombok. The road here is quite good all the way up until the turnoff, opposite Aliya Restaurant. Here, youll turn and continue down a bumpy, rocky dirt road all the way until you reach Mawi Beach.

    As you approach the coast, instead of continuing onto Mawi Beach, youll turn left and continue on for a couple of minutes until you reach Pantai Semeti (Semeti Beach).

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