Tumbak Marine Park is one of the most amazing tourism potentials in North Sulawesi after Bunaken. At present, there are not many publications and information about Tumbak in Southeast Minahasa. But did you know that Tumbak has an amazing marine park? Its beauty is similar to what you might know in Bunaken Marine Park.

The Tumbak Marine Park is geographically located in the Southeast Minahasa Regency, you have to travel for three hours from the city of Manado to reach the village of Tumbak; A village included in the administration area in Posumaen District, Southeast Minahasa.

One of the things that characterizes Tumbak and is different from Bunaken is small islands with white sand. The view is an amazing panorama of the sea that you can only find in this place. Clear sea water with blue Tumbak water is very nice and beautiful. Because with the clarity of the water, making a beautiful stretch of coral is very visible from the surface.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Tumbak beach, then the most preferred choice is to take rental accommodations and stay there for at least 2 days. There is a cottage that you can rent, and it is located right above the ocean of Tumbak. You can get to the lodge by speedboat and it takes about 15 minutes from Tumbak Village.

In Tumbak, you can choose 20 points for snorkeling and diving. There are several interesting spots, such as Napo Kipas, Bohaga Mangrove, Small Bohaga, MFT 1, MFT2, Taman Karang, and Pintu Samudra. Diving in Tumbak will take you to a vast expanse of panoramic reef, hard coral or soft coral. There, you can even see sea fan coral in an area of ​​300 m at a depth of 3-6 m.

Tumbak Village is a fishing village and there is an inn standing on the sea called Water Cottage. This cottage has two rooms and is made of boards. By spending 350 thousand rupiah per night, you have the opportunity to watch the sunset rising to the left of Soputan, a volcano in South Minahasa.