Did you know that surfing comes in many different levels? Starting from beginners to professional. Surfing has become a culture expanding beyond the sport itself. Even today surfing may become a lifestyle among beach sports lovers. Besides getting ecstatic for having skills to manoeuvre a board, surfing can be done in various locations other than by the beach. Stand-up surfing on beach waves is the most famous and has become one of the most challenging extreme sports to try.

Bali Island is blessed with many natural charms. One among which is wonderful beaches. The most famous of all of Bali’s beaches, primarily because tourism in Bali began with Kuta Beach. Well, the beach has long stretch of golden sand provides a beautiful coastline for beachgoers and and a safe bottom for surfers of all levels. Although you will most commonly find beginners learning to surf at Kuta beach there are plenty of locals displaying a high level of surfing and sometimes experienced surfers washing off a Kuta hangover in between surf trips to other Indonesian islands.

Kuta Beach is a beach break with waves that break all the way along the 2km stretch of beach. Giving surfers a lot of space to spread out and find a peak of your own, if you’re searching for a solo session and willing to compromise on quality. The most consistent and crowded peak along the beach is what’s known as Halfway Kuta, located approximately 50 metres north of Poppies Lane 2. Commonly known as the best peak at Kuta Beach, Halfway Kuta is mostly a right hand wave that breaks longer than the rest of the waves along the beach due to how the sand builds up in this section of beach and the formation of a small channel, rather than the fast walls that close out along other areas of the beach.

On bigger swells and a low tide, Halfway Kuta can turn into a hollow dredging wave that provides some fun barrels for those that are skilled enough. Most commonly though the waves are soft waist to knee high runners that make Kuta Beach so good for those travelling to Bali to learn how to surf. For the rest of the peaks on along the beach, the higher tide is the optimal time to surf when the faster sections are more makeable and offer the chance to link several manoeuvres on each wave before it closes out.