For those of you who like beautiful tourist attractions and have a natural feel, tourist attractions in southern Bandung can be used as new destination. Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside is very suitable as a fun hangout for tourists.

Due to the location of the ship-shaped restaurant and campsite is located right next to beautiful lake Situ Patenggang. The lake itself is located in the hills, not far from the Rancabali plantation, Ciwidey. Precisely near Batu Cinta area.

Previously, to go to this Batu Cinta area, tourists had to rent a boat with a fairly high price. But currently, this area has been converted into the Rancabali Lakeside Glamping area. After passing the entrance, you will cross a 4 km long road with views of tea gardens on either side of road.
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Activities that you can do besides eating at Pinisi Resto and enjoying peaceful atmosphere that is served are camping at Gamping Lakeside. Don't worry, camping package including breakfast, lunch and dinner services has been provided by Pinisi Resto so you don't need to bother anymore.