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    The Perfect Kei Islands from Southeast Maluku

    If you like the sensation of vacation on the beach and deserted island that has not been touched by many people, the Kei Islands could be an option. Kei Islands are not as famous as Bali or Gili Trawangan as a leading tourist destination, but Kei Islands offer an equally amazing charm. In fact, walkers refer to the Kei Islands as the Maldives of Indonesia.

    Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku Regency consists of several islands, and some of them are well-known such as Pulau Kei Besar, Pulau Kei Kecil, and Tanimbar Kei. Locals call the Kei Islands "Nuhu Evav".

    The trip to Kei can be reached by air, with the aim at Karel Satsuitubun International Airport on Kei Kecil Island. After landing there. You will feel the atmosphere of peace and quiet in the style of a holiday on an exotic desert island. Shaded by bright blue sky and abundant sunshine, you can feel the sensation of a pleasant summer vacation.

    Kei Islands are famous for their beautiful beaches that spoil the eyes. You can enjoy the holiday atmosphere like in the Maldives because Kei presents a beach with fine white sand and calm water with gradations of light blue to turquoise. In fact, National Geographic once seized the beaches in Kei with the predicate beach with the finest sand.

    The most prominent beaches in Kei are Ngurbloat Beach, Ngursarnadan, and Ngurtavur Beach. Ngurbloat Beach and Ngursanadan Beach are not too far away, so you don't need to bother if you want to visit both. You can swim calmly because the beaches here are shallow and the sea is gentle. Besides swimming, you can sit on the beach cloth enjoying the fresh air, the blue expanse of sea water, and the natural beauty of Kei Islands.

    Coconut trees waving along the coast also adds to the charm of Kei Islands. Besides being famous for its beaches, this place also holds another destination that is no less interesting, Hawaw Cave. There is an overdraft in the Hawang Cave which forms a pool with clear blue water like crystal.

    In addition to Hawang Cave, Masbait Hill can be an option for those of you who want to see Kei Islands from a height. Your eyes will be spoiled by the expanse of the ocean and calm with a stunning gradation of blue.

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