When taking a break from routine, you want to refresh your eyes from the tired. Imagine sitting on the edge of a lake with clear water, a blue sky, surrounded by trees, and a gentle breeze on the face. Want to feel the experience? Visit Lake Singkarak. Not only refreshing the eyes, you can also fish there.

Singkarak Lake

Lake Singkarak is a volcanic lake located in Solok Regency, West Sumatra Province. With an area of approximately 11,200 hectares, making Lake Singkarak the second largest lake after Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The lake is elongated because it has a length of about 20 kilometers and a width of 6.5 kilometers. Lake Singkarak has a depth of 268 meters.

The beauty of Lake Singkarak amazes you. Fine grains of sand stretched on the edge of lake. If you want to see the lake more closely, you can rent a motorboat or lake tricycles. Look at the lake's water ripples as the boat passes. Even you can swim here. Wow, it will definitely be a fun experience!

Around the lake are also many stalls and places to eat to fill a hungry. While eating, you can see the panoramic view of the lake with a stunning backdrop of Bukit Barisan. You can also see the amazing Mount Singgalang and Marapi.