This beach is one of famous beaches in North Sulawesi Province. Its name is Likupang Beach. The exact location is in Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. The distance is about 48 kilometers northeast of downtown Manado.

Likupang Beach has white sand beaches, green hills and fresh blue sea water. The waves are relatively calm, because in front of this beach there is Bangka Island which also serves as a barrier to the big waves coming towards Likupang Beach. Panorama around the beach area is also beautiful. On this beach, you can snorkel, dive or fish. From this beach, you can also cross to Bangka Island by using a motorboat. From Likupang Beach to Bangka Island, the travel time is only around 20 minutes.

Likupang Beach is visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Some facilities such as diving equipment rental, food stalls, parking areas and lodging are available in this beach area.

Access Likupang Beach
This beach is about 48 kilometers northeast of Manado City. From downtown Manado, you can use private vehicles or public transportation to get to the beach location.

When using a private vehicle, the route you can take is from the center of Manado "" Dimembe "" Likupang. From Likupang, all you have to do is follow the directions board that informs you about Likupang Beach.

When using public transportation, you can use transportation services such as buses from Terminal Paal 2. The transportation will take you until you reach Likupang Terminal. From Likupang Terminal, the trip can be continued by renting motorcycle taxi services or public transportation.