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    5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Pacitan, East Java

    Two of the most famous Pacitan landscapes are the caves and beaches. The geographical contours on the south side of Pacitan consist of hills formed by the geological process millions of years ago.
    The hills, which locals call Gunung Sewu (thousand mountains) are the highlands that stretch from Wonosari in Yogyakarta to Tulungagung in East Java. All the beautiful beaches are hidden behind the hills.
    To get to the beaches, one must pass the hilly path through the thick woods. But it’s all worth it once the wide powdery white sand with almost no one around stretches out in front of you.

    Here’s our list of five beautiful beaches near Pacitan:

    1. Klayar Beach

    Klayar Beach is the most touristy out of all four beaches. It is located in Kalak village, Donorojo district, Pacitan Regency. It is about 35 km towards west Pacitan city. It can reach about 60 minutes from the city.
    From the entrance you can see welcoming rows of coconuts trees until the white sandy beach.
    There is a unique formation of rocks on the east side of the beach. These rocks were formed by the abrasion of seawater and wind for thousands of years, creating formations of towers. Its waves dashed against the rock spourting from the hole make sound like a bamboo flute. The springkling of waves rush to beach and out through the hole spurting about 7 meters high and has a sound like blowing bamboo flute.
    Near the rocks there is also a natural fountain, which only appears when the rock is exposed to big waves.
    Klayar is a famous destination in Pacitan and is always crowded with tourists during holidays. It has fairly complete facilities, such as parking areas, simple food stalls and souvenir stalls.

    2. Buyutan Beach

    Buyutan beach is located behind a hill in Widoro village. There is a large rock off the coast, which is the landmark of this beach.
    From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the vast scenery of the Indian Ocean.
    There is a small and steep footpath to get to the beach and it can be slippery.
    The beach is wide and rather quiet with rocky sand. It is an ideal spot if you’re looking for solitude, but the waves and the coral don’t make it easy to swim.

    3. Banyu Tibo Beach

    Banyu Tibo is a Javanese phrase for falling water. It has a small waterfall falling down from a river at the top of the cliff.
    The beach is still located not far from Buyutan, still in Widoro village. It is surrounded by small cliffs, which leave just a small sandy area. Locals often fish from the cliffs.
    There is a small road to get to the beach, which only fits one car, but it is advisable to park the car at a villager’s house close to the main road and take a walk to the beach.
    The view while walking down the hill to the small cove is already a spectacle.

    4. Srau Beach

    Srau Beach is located in Candi village, Pringkuku, about 25 km towards west of Pacitan city. Srau Beach consisting of three small bays separated by rocky hills. Each bay has a clean white sand beach with an unspoiled natural condition.
    The east side of the beach is a crowded area with a parking lot, food stalls and souvenir stalls.
    The west side of the beach is the more quiet and tranquil, a perfect spot for a camping.
    To enjoy a slightly different view of the beach, take a walk to the top of the hill on the coast, which is also a fishing spot commonly known to the locals. But you need to be careful when crossing the narrow and rocky path right at the edge of a cliff.

    5. Watu Karung Beach

    Watu Karung beach is located not far from Srau, still in Pringkuku.
    The beach is a haven for surfers, more popular among foreign tourists than local.
    The best spot to surf is on the east side of the beach, which has a flat-reef bottom. The medium-sized waves are suitable for beginners as well as expert surfers.
    The best time to surf in WatuKarung is from April to October. There is no surfboard rental in Watu Karung, so you have to bring your own board.
    Not far from the beach, there is a fish market that sells a variety of fresh fish. A simple fish barbeque on the beach would be rewarding after a whole day surfing.

    How to get there

    Even Pacitan is in East Java Province, but to go to Pacitan, the easy route is via Central Java. Pacitan is about 120 kilometers from Surakarta. The beach can be reached within a three-hour drive southbound from Surakarta, through the city of Wonogiri.
    Alternatively, the beach can be reached via Yogyakarta, across Gunung Kidul district of Pegunungan Seribu, with almost the same distance from Surakarta.
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