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    Arborea Cafe, the Beauty Cafe in the Middle of the Jakarta Jungle

    Hangouts in Jakarta are not hard to find, various food-beverage menus and various modern cafe concepts are all complete there. But a few months ago, Jakarta had a cool and not mainstream hangout like most cafes in general namely Arborea cafe in Manggala Wanabakti Jakarta which is now so popular among millennial young people, especially for those who like hunting photo corner spots. This Jakarta cafe has its own uniqueness and advantages that are not owned by cafes in Jakarta.

    Jakarta Arborea Cafe has now become a favorite place to relax, hangout with friends, hunt photos or even just enjoy the environment. Because the location of cafe is in the forest area of the Ministry of Environment and Ciputra Jakarta. Having the atmosphere around it feels beautiful shady trees feel in the forest, of course the surrounding air feels cool so it is suitable as a place of relaxation and relieve fatigue.

    The Arborea cafe model is also designed so that it looks unique but still looks elegant. This Jakarta outdoor cafe is perfect for a fun hangout when the holidays come. Friend can enjoy the beautiful green panorama that spoil as far as the eye can see. Food and drink menu there is also very delicious at affordable prices for all walks of life.

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