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    SeaWorld Indonesia, Jakarta

    SeaWorld Indonesia is the first underwater world recreation area in Indonesia with thousands collections of marine fauna in many different colors. SeaWorld Indonesia occupies a three hectares area with the building spreading about 4500m2, stand in Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park complex. Many kinds of marine fauna placed in many aquariums which layed out tidily at SeaWorld Indonesia. SeaWorld Indonesia is carrying three missions for its existence, which are as an underwater educational facility, underwater conservation and entertainment.

    History and Background

    Indonesia is an archipelago country with seashore border length reaching 81000km, consist of thousands islands and spreading across 5000 km along the equator line. Indonesian territorial waters have abundance of fish’s species, coral and sponge. There’re about 3500 kinds of fishes found in Indonesian territorial waters, which is about 37% of the whole fish species in the world. Since very long time ago Indonesian people has considered the sea as their artery for living. They utilize the marine resources for their own consumption as well as for trading. They sail in the sea to reach other places, and creates interesting tourism object at the sea.

    Backgrounded by how important the sea was for Indonesian people and how important to take care of the survival of Indonesian waters resources, then the SeaWorld Indonesia was founded. The first stone placement of SeaWorld Indonesia construction was conducted on 2nd October 1992 by Wiyogo Atmodarminto, the governor of DKI Jakarta at that period. SeaWorld Indonesia was starting the operation on 3rd June 1994.


    The facilities SeaWorld Indonesia possessed are including the main aquarium (saltwater aquarium), fresh water aquarium, mermaid or dugong aquarium, marine area, Antasena Tunnel, gift shop, library, restaurant and touch screen computer.

    Main Aquarium (Saltwater Aquarium)

    The main aquarium becomes the habitat of thousands Indonesian saltwater animals in variouse kind of colors. The main aquarium is capable to store up to 5 milion liter of saltwater and is the biggest saltwater aquarium in South East Asia.

    Freshwater Aquarium

    SeaWorld’s freshwater aquarium has variouse kinds of freshwater fish’s collections from all over the world. The collections in the freshwater aquarium are including piranha, electric eel, and red tail freshwater catfish from Amazon River.

    Dugong Aquarium

    Dugong aquarium inhabited by dugong, a scarce and cute sea mammal which moves in gentle and charming gestures. The marine area presents the beauty of variouse kinds and color of fishes that lives in corals, such as clown fish, cockaktoo fish, and kepe-kepe fish.

    Antasena Tunnel

    Antasena Tunnel is a tunnel which length is 80 meters equipped with conveyer to let the visitors to just enjoy seeing and observing the fishes in the aquariam covering the tunnel without any need to walk around. The conveyor will bring the visitors go along the tunnel. The huge aquarium that cover the tunnel makes it as if the visitors walk in it is in the bottom of an ocean with thousands of fishes swimming above them.

    There’re also other kinds of facilities in Seaworld Indonesia, such as gift shop sells many kinds of things related with marine animals, library consists of books about maritime matters, restaurant where the visitors can eat and drink, and touch screen computer for the visitors to take quizzes on maritime matters.

    Feeding Schedules

    Feeding the marine animals is a very interesting show to see at SeaWorld Indonesia. The feeding schedules at SeaWorld Indonesia are as follow:

    • For sting rays, seafish, turtle and other fishes in the main saltwater aquarium are to be feed on 11:00 and 15:30 on Monday to Friday, and on 11:00, 14:00 and 16:30 on every weekend and holidays.
    • Aquarium for sharks to be feed everyday on 14:00pm.
    • Sharks and turtle collections in the pool that can be touched by visitors to be feed everyday on 10:00, 13:30 and 17:00.
    • Crocodile babies to be feed everyday on 14:00pm.
    • Dugong to be feed everyday on 09:15, 11:30 and 14:30.
    • Piranha to be feed on 09:30 am every Monday to Friday and on 12:00pm on weekend and holidays.


    • The feeding attractions of marine animals at SeaWorld Indonesia are very interesting. The visitors of SeaWorld Indonesia are usually very antusiastic to see the feeding of sharks and piranhas. If you’re interested to see these attractions too, you may fit your visiting time to their feeding schedule.
    • SeaWorld Indonesia is located next to Gelanggang Samudera, an exhibition arena for dolphins, white whale and sea lions that accompanied with four dimensions theater (Theater 4-D). You might want to schedule on visiting Gelanggang Samudera as well once you’re done with SeaWorld Indonesia.

    Source: indonesia-travel-guide.com

    photo: media2.id.88db.com

    photo: royaltots.com
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