Who doesn't know East Kalimantan? An island with a million flora and fauna. Nature tourism is no less interesting with nature tourism in other places. This time we will discuss about historic tourism located in Marang Mountains, East Kutai.

Precisely in the karst group or cave there are several caves, one of which is Goa Tewet, here many relics of people in ancient times until some researchers came here to examine how life in ancient times in East Kutai.

The cave, which was discovered since 1965, holds hundreds of mysterious palm traces. In this cave there are paintings on the ceiling of the cave. Painting with a plain, striped, dotted, and patterned palm. There are also pictures of animals such as deer, turtles and geckos in red, brown and black.

What made researchers come here is how they made palms on the ceiling of cave even though the place is high and even difficult to reach. Until now, experts and researchers have not been able to solve the mystery of the palm of hand. How could ancient times draw and live in a cave that is on a mountain cliff? How many thousands of years old rock paintings on the walls of Goa Tewet.

Access to the location of this sub-region from Samarinda can be reached for two days by land and river trips. The trip from Samarinda to Hambur Batu takes about 8 hours by four-wheeled vehicles and is 250 km away. Then the journey continues by using a boat "ketinting" for about 3 hours, a distance of 31.7 km by tracing the river Bengalon-Jele river to the edge of Tewet which is a basecamp in Tewet.

Interested in visiting this historical place? But you have to be careful if you want to come here because to go to this place the path is very extreme and takes a long time. If you cross the river you will definitely meet a crocodile that lives in the river and there are still many other wild animals that are there including hornbills. To get into the cave is also very difficult. You have to use a safety to go up the cave is quite high.