Satonda is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It is off the north coast of Sumbawa island and is one of the popular stops for the Lombok to Flores boat trips. Satonda Island is an attractive blip of an island with a crater lake at its centre. The island is a flooded volcano — the lake is salt water, not fresh. The story goes that when Tambora erupted, a massive wave washed over the edge of Satonda’s crater rim, filling it with water. A second popular story is that the trees lining the edge of the lake have the power to grant wishes. What you do is tie a rock to one of the trees and make a wish. If the wish subsequently comes true it is your duty to return to the island and give thanks.

Some wishing stones are hung on the tree’s twig, it is firstly hanged by a couple from Germany that wished a baby in their live. since that time, in the year of 1991, the couple come back to the island and asked some locals from some villages at the slope of Mount Tambora to accompany them to the island, a goat was an offering as an embodiment to thanks to God as they got what they have wished.