Mount Bromo in the eastern part of Java isn't the tallest of Indonesia's active volcanoes, but it is certainly the most visited. Easily accessible, tourists hike to the rim - situated at 7,641 feet - to observe the otherworldly landscape that is often found on so many Indonesian postcards. Sunrise from the top is truly spectacular.

Unlike the cone of Gunung Rinjani which is surrounded by water, Mount Bromo is surrounded by a plain is known as the "Sea of Sand" - fine volcanic sand which has been a protected area since 1919. The caldera is a lifeless, bleak reminder of the destructive forces of nature when compared to the lush, green valleys below the peak.

Although not as active as the nearby Mount Semeru which is in a continuous state of eruption, Mount Bromo's plume of white smoke is a constant reminder that it could explode at any time.