Bandung is indeed rich in tourist destinations. This time, you will be taken to explore one of Bandung's natural tourist destinations whose beauty is so amazing, Situ Cileunca.

Situ Cileunca or Cileunca lake is a lake in the area of Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java. This lake is an artificial lake that covering an area of ??1400 hectares and it surrounded by hills and mountains background.

Besides functioning as an tourism object, Situ Cileunca is also serves as a source of water for power generation. The water from the lake flows through the river Palayangan, which is also often used as an arena of rafting sport.

At first, this lake was a wilderness area. Until the 1918ís local governance made a lake for water supplies that being used for local inhabitants. Cileunca lake has a depth of up to 17 meters, clear and sparkling water color, and refreshing.

Most of tourist are coming to this place to do camping, around the camping ground and enjoying the genuine nature over the hills and the lake.

Not far from the lake, there is Strawberry and berries plantation, it makes the destination become way more fun and interesting to be visited.