Pulau Senoa (Senoa Island) or by the locals called Pulau Senua or Pulau Senuou, is famous for it white quartz sand beaches and is shaped in the form of a pregnant woman. Senoa Island is located near the village of Sepempang, Natuna Regency.

To get to the island you would need to hire a boat of one of the fisherman at a cost of about Rp. 300.000 The boat ride will be beautiful as the water will be crystal clear and you can see the coral reef underneath.

One of the interesting things on Senoa is the cave facing the sea and surrounded by cliffs.

Senoa will be busy during weekends and holidays as many locals head out here with friends and family, but on other days it will be quiet. The island is uninhabited and has some pristine beauty. Don't forget to bring your own food and drinks as there will not be any food stalls or minimart.

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