Itís hard to beat a vacation at the beach. You go to get warm. You go to get wet. You go to get the sand in between your toes. Pack a bag stocked with towels, suntan lotion, and donít forget your sandals, because there is a lounge chair near the water with your name on it.

Beach hotels in West Sulawesi offer the very best in coastal accommodations. Find one with a spacious room just steps from the sand and ocean-facing windows to ensure you catch that cool, late-afternoon sea breeze. After spending an entire day getting golden and frolicking in the ocean, head back to the hotel and treat yourself to a classically mixed mai tai in the lobby bar. Your vacation at the seashore should be one for the record books and one of the West Sulawesi beach hotels will make sure all your seaside needs are taken care of.

Lombang-Lombang Beach
The beach which located 30 km from the Mamuju City is having wonderful beach and sea beauty. A smooth stretch of black sand across this beach will spoil your feet while walking on the beach. Swimming will be safer due to its low tide. You can also do snorkelling or play water sports. Some of the facilities and tools needed are available there, we could just only rent them at affordable prices. During the weekend. the beach management often holds free music and art performances.

Palippis Beach
Palippis Beach has an incredible charm. Not only the beach which appealing but also the exquisite natural atmosphere because the beach is surrounded by green hills. This beach also has rocks with 30-80 meters of height, very suitable as the spot for rock climbing. There is also a cave located on a hill near the beach, which is a plus of this beach. This white- sandy beach is located about 2 km from Polewali.

Dato Beach
Dato Beach has clean white sand, with its clear sea water, the underwater scenery can be seen from above the sea surface. This beach has a tropical beach nuance and its beauty is still well preserved. There are large rocks as high as 20 meters that we can ride, and from above we will see how amazing the scenery on the beach is. At the top of the reef we can also enjoy a very beautiful sunset moment. There are stairs that have been prepared to go on the top of the reef.

Mampie Beach
Mampie Beach is often used as a family holiday destination during the weekend. Spending time with your family while enjoying a beautiful view of the beach is absolutely a very precious moment. This beach represents a brackish ecosystem, and local people use the east coast as the location for seaweed cultivation. The beach location can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Passing through villages and paddy fields will add more excitement when visiting this beach.

Gonda Beach
Gonda Beach is still relatively new as a tourist spot, but the beauty of this beach is undoubtable. You can do various activities such as snorkelling, walking through the mangrove forest, playing with small fish and seeing jellyfish. On this beach we can swim, and this place is quite safe for the beginners to learn to swim. Only with a depth of 2-3 meters we can see various forms of beautiful coral reefs. The management provides diving tools so you don't have to bother carrying it from home.

Labuang Beach
Labuang Beach has a large array of rocks, stretching from west to east with a very natural shape. The rocks are still connected to the rocks on Palippis Beach, only the two are located in different sub-districts. Labuang Beach is perfect for sunset hunters, because the scenery at sunset looks very beautiful in this place. In some rocks there is a quite deep basin, we can trace it but must be willing if the shirt gets wet.