Lewoleba, the capital of Lembata regency Eas Nusa Tenggara Indonesia, is located in the nothern part of Lembata Island (which is previously known as Lomblen Island). This town is an entry point for visitors or toursits obserrving the inumerable beauties of natures and cultural attractions in the interiors of Lembata Island. It can be reachable by air with TransNsa or Susi Air and sea from Kupang, Maumere or Larantuka. Not only known as the center of government administration, Lewoleba is also the center of economy activities.

The coastal area of Lewoleba bay offers you an impressive view. There are some tourism destinations recommemded for your visiting in Lembata namely Waijarang Beach, Lamalera Village with its traditional whale hunting, Lewolein and Bean beaches. .

Waijarang Beach
Waijarang beach, located in Waijarang village, is a beatiful beach. It is reachable by motor cycle or motor car. The panorama of its beach supported by beautiful hill and narrow Boleng bay This is the best site for visitors to enjoy beach tours like water ski, surn bathing, camping, playng beach volley, and hiking. There the visitors can also enjoy the cultural attractions of local people.

Lamalera Village and Whale Hunting
Lamalera village located in the district of Wulandoni is one the most interesting place to enjoy cultural and marinal tours. One of the most wellknown event all over the world is hunting whale in traditional way by using peledang (wood boat without machine) and tempuling (sword with double edges made of iron). Hunting whale held by Lamalera people has attracted international attention as it uses a unique, traditional way. The cath of whale is brought to beach and divided for the people. Withnessing the event of hunting whale in Lamalera is an unforgettable experience.

Lewolein Beach
This beautiful island offers its uniqueness, in terms of position and its panorama, making the breathtaking of visitors. In the east part, there is a small bay grown by big and shady mangrove trees, with widespreading stones suitable as the sitting places to enjoy the sunset in the top of Illeape mount. In the west part, it spans white sands with calm waves and it makes the site as the best place to swim and sunbath over sands.

Bean Beach
Bean beach with its while sandy beach offers a unique feature with its crystals stretching from the west to the east of about 4-5 km. The waves of sea scrolling continuously and regularly make this beach as the most ideal site for surfing.