The nine small Hindu Temples (Gedong Songo means 'nine buildings' in Javanese) are in itself not so impressive, it is the scenery and setting that makes a visit to these temples worthwhile. Gedong Songo is one of the most beautiful sited temple complexes in Java.

They were built in the 8th and 9th century long before Borobudur and Prambanan. They were constructed at about the same time as the temples at Dieng but although they are similar to the temples at Dieng in various ways, it is the stunning view that sets these temples apart.

The temples are located on the top and sides of Mount Unguran, an old stratovolcano 30km south of Semarang. Five of the temples are in fairly good condition after a major renovation in the 1980s.

The temples are located in three groups and a 3km long trail goes past these groupings. The last group, after you passed the hot sulphur springs, is the most impressive. At an height of 1000m you get a spectacular view of the surroundings. At the south you can see Mount Merbabu and behind it Mount Merapi with it characteristic smoke plume. At the west are Gunung Sumbing and Mount Sundoro.

The Gedong Songo temples and the Mount Unguran area is a popular weekend destination for those living in Semarang. Especially on Sunday it can get crowded.