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    Amazing Saronde Island Gorontalo

    Gorontalo has always been successful at making anyone amazed. Rows of tourist attractions are so charming and always make you homesick.

    Saronde Island is no exception. The island, which covers no more than 2 hectares, is often equated with the Maldives.
    Stretch of soft white sand with a gradation of stunning water wrapped in a breeze ready to welcome tourists who come. It was so beautiful, seemed to want to rush into the beauty of underwater.

    Also snorkeling in Saronde Island is a must do activity. Various kinds of fish with beautiful colors and exotic coral reefs, will spoil the eyes.

    Not only that, reportedly Saronde Island is also called Patrick Paradise because it is inhabited by sea stars. No need to bother diving, starfish can also be seen directly from the boat, because the water here is so clear and clean.

    Once satisfied playing water, take time to get around Saronde Island. As far as the eye can see, tourists will be presented with a row of small islands that surround Saronde Island.

    Although often equated with the Maldives, it does not mean that Saronde Island can only be visited by extra budget. Backpackers can also visit here. Food stalls with low prices and sleeping in cheap lodging or setting up tents on the beach can be done.

    Saronde Island located 65 km from the center of Gorontalo city, precisely located in Kwandang District, North Gorontalo District. To achieve this, tourists must travel overland to the Port in Kwandang, then proceed with a katingting boat.

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    The water surrounding Saronde Island is famous for being clear and unpolluted by industrial waste, thus making it worth it for various marine activity such as swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling and water ski.

    Saronde is not only famous for its view. The people of Saronde Island also has a unique tradition. During certain periods, usually on Saronde Festival in July, they held a Ketinting (small speedboat) race, going around the Saronde Island.
    This boat race is one of the most anticipated moment by the people in Kwandang District. You could also interact with the people during this event.

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