Find the best tourism in West Kalimantan, try to come to Sintang, there is a tourist destination called dark stone, this type is rare and the only one in Indonesia, and there are two locations in the world, the tourists will be presented with a giant rock reaching span of 0.4. hectares and vertical height of almost 100 meters, unique stones are found on the ground that are not found in the field around the hills, the location is not far from the city and the path through Sintang is very good.

The destination can reach and become one of the favorite tourist destination with local tourism, Bukit Kelam Sintang has also been designated as a nature reserve by the government of more than 5.2 square kilometers, can enjoy the nature of Sintang which is known for its tropical rainforest giant cliffs will make tourists fascinated at this time. Bukit Kelam Nature Park is located in Tenebrous District, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.

The dynamic and natural panorama of nature, and its cool and fresh air, makes this area the right choice for natural recreation. Visitors can feel the beauty of the scenery when walking in the area, or while relaxing in the shelter. In this area, there are various rare flora, such as meranti (Shorea sp), bangeris (Koompassia sp), tengkawang (Dipterocarpus sp), orchids (archidaceae), and giant semar bags.

Various rare fauna, such as sun bears (heralctus mayalanus), pangolins (sweet javanica), bats (hiropteraphilie), and kestrel (acciptiter badios), add to the attractiveness of this region. For those who want to go to the top of the hill, must pass through a stone staircase that has a height of 90 meters located to the west of Mount Kelam.