It seems like everyone is enjoying the chance to celebrate a long holiday in their favorite destination by taking advantage of two public holidays that appear before the weekend.

According to Agoda, here are the top-five favorite destinations in Indonesia based on last-minute bookings its users recently made for this long weekend.

1. Bali

Itís not hard to understand why Bali never fails to charm us. Not only rich in culture, this island is also blessed with beautiful landscapes and an exciting lifestyle.

There are a lot of attractions that are offered on the island, from stunning beaches, fantastic party life and leisure activities, to amazing marine life and much more. With 28.6 percent of total visits, there is no doubt that Bali will get busy this weekend.

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2. Jakarta

Spending the long weekend in Jakarta can be very exciting as there will be a lot of events that are happening this weekend. From jewelry exhibitions, film screenings and a literary festival, you will spend most of your free time hopping from one event to another, while enjoying less crowded roads since most Jakartans choose to get away from the city.

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3. Bandung

Bandung has a lot to offer. Famously called the Paris of Java, Bandung offers a unique experience of urban life in a city that is surrounded by a stunning mountainous landscape. This city attracts a large number of visitors every weekend, especially from Jakarta, and is also known for its exciting college life.

It is visited mostly because its cooler air, delicious culinary treats and elegant Dutch architecture, which has been given new life by enthusiastic restaurateurs.

4. Yogyakarta

If you want to learn more about Indonesiaís royal life, you should make a visit to Yogyakarta. This city is known for its slow-paced life, rich culture and delicious traditional Javanese food that offers a soulful experience unlike anything youíve had before.

Visitors going to Yogyakarta mostly head to the sultanís palace, which is known as the keraton, or pay homage to Indonesiaís most majestic temples, which are Borobudur and Prambanan.

5. Batam Island

Batam Island is mostly known as a transit destination for visitors heading to the neighboring country Singapore, or a favorite place for Singaporeans for a weekend getaway.

A melting pot that maintains a unique culture and fantastic seafood, visitors going to Batam Island mostly come to play golf or are attracted by discounted prices for electronics and duty-free shopping centers since this island is a free-trade zone.