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    A Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang in Sukawati

    Bali has a unique tourist destination in Sukawati. Beji Guwang is a hidden canyon with a mysterious small stream. This canyon is formed naturally by the flow of the river so that the shape looks attractive and exotic. It is extremely instagenic.

    The journey along Beji Guwang’s Hidden Canyon is very challenging, because the trek is relatively tough. However, the scenery that you find here will be very spectacular. This place is also considered sacred by the surrounding community. Here are some facts about the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon.


    Administratively, the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon is located on Sahadewa Street, Banjar Wangbung, Guwang, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. This place is only 14 km north of Denpasar City and 15 km from Ubud.

    The road to this tourist spot is very good so you can reach it quite quickly and easily. If you come by driving a private vehicle, you have to park your vehicle in Pura Dalem and then walk to the location.

    Beji Guwang

    The Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon area is still considered a sacred area by the surrounding community. Near this river and velly, there is Beji Temple which have a water spring. Water from this place is considered sacred and is often used for religious ceremonies in the surrounding temples. Therefore, the canyon area is also considered sacred even though it is not treated like a temple.

    This area is actually became popular just recently. Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon became famous after a photographer from Klungkung uploaded photos of the canyon to the internet. Because it is very exotic, many people are curious and come here to see it in person.

    Since the number of tourist visits is getting higher, the local village government has decided to manage this location by building adequate tourism facilities.

    Article source: https://travelingyuk.com/beji-guwang/184987/

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    The Hidden Canyon Bali, also known as Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang, is located towards the South East side of the island.

    Just down the road from Tegenungan Waterfall, it is around a 1 hour drive from Canggu and 30 mins from Ubud.

    We recommend renting a scooter to get around Bali. You can hire them for around 50,000 IDR per day, and it’s the cheapest and easiest way to travel. Although if you’re not comfortable driving on two wheels then drivers are available to hire all over the island for around 500,000 IDR per day (8 hours).

    Once you get close, there are road signs leading all the way to Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang.

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