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    An Incredible Gondola in Timang Beach Yogyakarta

    Timang Beach is a beach that has an interesting spot as well as challenging because you will cross a small wavy island with a ride an incredible gondola or a traditional cable car that will be pulled by humans. Sliding from this gondola about 50-100 m to the west of Timang Beach.

    Timang Beach

    Timang Beach is one of the beautiful beach in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. But the road to the beach is very challenging because it is very steep and rocky. Timang Beach has a very charming view with white sand that lies along the coast. Pandanus plant lined up around the beach adds the beautiful panoramic of Timang Beach. Visitor of this beach is not as many as other beaches which have been famous before, so if you notice the atmosphere on the beach is still impressed natural.

    The Beach is actually divided into two different areas, in the first part of the east which is a clean white sand beach similar to other white beaches sand around the region. While on the second part which is on the western side of the rock hills are quite steep that directly adjacent to the sea. On this rocky coast the scenery will be very beautiful because there is a large stone standing firmly on the beach. The big rock or island is known as Batu Panjang or Pulau Panjang and Pulau Timang.

    Timang Beach Island Gunungkidul is not the island as in general in the form of a piece of land with a sandy coast. The island is a huge cliff of rock with a very steep cliff.


    At Timang Beach, you can try something that you can not do on other beaches. On this beach, you can ride a cable car ( Gondola ) which will lead you to cross to a large rock in the sea. What makes this cable car feels like a thrill ride is the condition of the cable car itself. The cable car on Timang Beach is not a modern one, but a traditional cable car made with simple materials.

    Sliding from this gondola about 50-100 m to the west of Timang Beach. It takes a strong mental if you want to try to cross over there, because along the distance you will slide yourself up a gantole over the deep ocean with big waves.

    Sunset Vie Point

    To see sunset make sure you depart from jogja around 2 pm. On the hill to the west you can see the beauty of the sunset with a vast expanse of rocks.

    Lobster Fishing Spot

    Long ago before many people know about the timang beach. The Gondola spot is used for lobster fishing spot by local people. Local people often use the cable car to get to Timang Island which is rich in lobter. Lobster that has a high selling price is what makes local people to willingly struggle and struggle to get there with a dangerous terrain to get the catch.

    Article source: https://www.jogjacompasstours.com/ti...la-yogyakarta/

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    Timang Beach

    Timang beach is a beach attraction is a region at the boundary between the sea and the land that is located in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.Timang beach is one beach in Yogyakarta, the sand is white. Timang Beach lies between Siung and Sundak beach in Gunungkidul. The uniqueness of this beach is that there is an island called Panjang Island which is lobster habitat across coastal marine.

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