This is the top 10 most-searched theme parks in Indonesia:
Dufan, North Jakarta
Taman Safari Indonesia, West Java
Trans Studio Bandung, West Java
Jatim Park 3, East Java
Jungleland, West Java
Waterboom Lippo Cikarang, West Java
SeaWorld, North Jakarta
Jatim Park 2, East Java
Jatim Park 1, East Java
Devoyage Bogor, West Java

In North Jakarta, Ancol reopened its Seaworld aquarium. It opened the Faunaland zoo and started working on the redevelopment of Ocean Dream Samudra into Dufan Ocean, a large marine theme park. With billboards all over the city, big events every weekend/holiday and a strong social media presence, Ancol is ubiqitous.

Similarly, in East Java Jatim Parks has recently opened its Dino Park at Jatim Park III. This brings the total number of Jatim Parks attractions in the small city of Batu to 10. They have also boosted their marketing efforts including overseas with the aim of positioning itself as the must-see destination in East Java.

Combined, the number of annual visitors to each of these attractions clusters would be in the region of 4 million. This means that collectively they are reaching the size of some of the top 15 theme parks in Asia. Does this mean Indonesia is ready for an international theme park?