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    This is it! the Beauty Portrait of Sembilan Beach in Sumenep

    Madura island region is not yet known as one of the magnificent and popular tourist cities. However, Madura turned out to save the unique side of tourist attractions are owned today.

    After the last few years Gili Labak has attracted the attention of almost all Indonesian people, Madura has again surprised the community with its contemporary tourism. Sembilan Beach, a unique name and always a question mark why this beach is named nine (read; Sembilan).

    Well, curious about how this beach portrait? Come, see the following review, check it out!

    • Located in Bringsang Village, Gili Genting Island District, Sumenep Regency, Sembilan Beach provides a hidden natural landscape that you must visit.
    • On weekends, the beach is visited by many visitors in groups to simply enjoy the beauty of Sembilan Beach.
    • This beach is one of the best tourist destinations in East Java, no wonder so many visitors explore this tour.
    • The weekend feels meaningful when you are welcomed with views of the blue sea, clear beach water, and its white sand.
    • Feeling more in Hawaii, you can relax fun under a shady tree and still be regarded as very beautiful.
    • On this beach you will also find a swing spot for you to sit while chatting, certainly not to miss the photo session.
    • Beside to swing spots, other interesting spots you can find around this beach. Instagramable after all.
    • Don't worry about lodging, around this beach there are inns that allow you to spend the night while enjoying the sunrise.

    Don't stay at home, guys! Come on holiday looking for a new atmosphere of Indonesian nature.

    Article sources: https://www.idntimes.com/travel/dest...dura-c1c2/full
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