Have you ever explored Dieng plateau? Dieng plateau is more commonly known as Dieng plateau Wonosobo or local calls 'Dataran Tinggi Dieng', though the plateau is located in Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regency, Central Java. The plateau offers a mixture of nature, heritage and tourism sites. There are some beautiful lakes, hills, breathtaking scenery, as well as refreshing tea and coffee plantations. Plus, being high up its very cool and refreshing.

Where is it

Dieng Plateau is situated in Central Java, nearby Wonosobo. It is a highland of 2,000 m. Even though nearby to Wonosobo, it is actually located in the regency of Banjarnegara.

Why go

If you want to see something different from the rest of Java in Indonesia, here is the place. It almost somewhat exists on its own up here in the highlands. If you explore around you will be trekking through rolling hills of plantations and mountains flanking from all sides in the horizon.

What to see

There are many craters (kawah) around here for you to explore, like Sikidang Crater (Kawah Sikidang) which is more popular, and there are others like Kawah Candradimuka and Kawah Sileri.
Arjuna Temples Complex ancient temples dotted around, the most famous being the Arjuna complex not because of its magnificence, what not with the likes of Borobudur and Prambanan not too far off but for its really old age. Here you can find Candi Arjuna, Candi Setiyaki and Candi Bima. They are one of the oldest temples in Indonesia, dating back to 8th century built by the Sanjaya dynasty. It can be a bit disheartening to see the remaining small temples around the complex but keep in mind that it had stood the test of time for a long, long time.

Telaga Warna (colored lake) not to be mistaken for its name for it is only in hues of blue and maybe some slight green. Try to walk up the hill beside it to catch a top view of the lake which can be quite beautiful if you caught it during the right light of day.

How to get around

Dieng can be small and big depending where you want to explore. The usual tourist circuit is doable by foot if you want to take a loop around and stop by at those places to visit. If you want to go a little further, catch a local minibus and stop off at junctions that you need and cover the rest with trekking on hills and plantations.

Source: https://allindonesiatravel.com/