Sumba has 2 seasons: dry and wet. If you come here during wet season, you can feast your eyes with lush green view of the hills. I personally prefer dry season. Sure the hills were covered with dried grass, but it also gave the sensation of not being in Indonesia. It's as close to Africa as you can get for now.

Tanarara Hills is one of the tourism icons in Sumba. The hills with very wide savanna, and excellent road conditions make this location one of the must-visit spots when exploring Sumba. The distance between the house and the village is quite far apart, you should prepare the vehicle and logistics from the bottom.

To enjoy the best panoramic of such view, you'd better take circular trip either from Melolo or Watuparunu then return to Waingapu. Late afternoon light gives a beautiful ambient.

The other hill is Warinding hill. You will find a beautiful view in warinding hill. You can make some interaction with local kids. They are friendly. If you don't have local sarong called "kain sumba", you can rent it at the entrance for 50k will make your photos more photogenic. It is great and it is rare sight. The color changes depending on the seasons, it is super green on rainy months and grey on dry seasons.

Wairinding is located an hour from Waingapu area and it's highly recommended to visit during the sunset time.