Plain rice served with extra hot spicy stir-fry will give a bursting taste in the mouth. Delicious kikil cooked with herbs will make the tongue dance, asking us not to stop eating.

Dozens of people sat on mats, and scattered along the sidewalk. They were breathing heavily, their tears coming out. Some are busy wiping the sweat from their foreheads. They don't do any sports, however, they have dinner! Yes, such a scene was captured at a tent rooftop restaurant in Kauman, Yogyakarta. What kind of food makes dinner so tiring?

It is not for no reasons that the food has called fireworks or firecrackers. Eating these foods will taste as if packaged ammunition that is commonly used during the Chinese New Year and Eid celebrations explode in your mouths. Mrs. Narti's stir-fry cooking will smash you to pieces. Your eyes will come out, your breath will be hard and your tongue will be hot until you sweat.

Frankly, the physical appearance of the food does not offer a special appeal, warm rice accompanied by stir-fried (ordinary soup with less sauce) consisting of kikil (fatty meat in the legs of a cow or goat), fat, skin, and cartilage. The people of Yogyakarta call them koyoran. The soup looks very fatty, soaked in a lot of cayenne pepper whose seeds stick to the meat which is rather terrible. If you leave food for only a few minutes, it will harden quickly as if frozen, which indicates that the food contains high fat. Therefore, you must eat it quickly. On the other hand, the heat from rice will help slow down fat from freezing, while you yourself will find that it is very unlikely to eat slowly because you will be too eager to feel the next explosion. Whenever you feel that hot, spicy food has beaten you too hard, you can order other menus such as chicken, quail, or catfish to help your tongue recover.

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