Beach is an appropriate place for enjoying a great time during the holiday and gets rid of the daily routine. In Gunung Kidul district, there are a number of the beaches that dominated with white sand. From the west end, there is Parang Endog Beach that located in Purwosari District, to the easternmost beach; there is Krokoh Beach in Girisubo district.

A number of beaches that exist, only a few beaches dominated with white sand, including Baron Beach and Ngluwen Beach. Meanwhile, the other beaches are a coral cliff. Some of the beaches in Gunung Kidul district have become the most desirable place for the tourists. The beaches are Baron Beach, Krakal, Kukup, Indrayanti, Pok Tunggal, and Siung Beach. Recently, there is a beach that has become a new favorite for tourists, namely Sadranan Beach.

Sadranan beach is located in Tepus, or it beside the Sundak Beach. In this beach, the tourists not only can enjoy the stunning natural scenery but also trying a new ride. You only need to pay IDR 50, 000,- to enjoy this ride. Then, what is an offer at this exotic beach?

Sadranan beach is a new paradise for the water sports enthusiasts called snorkeling. In this beach, there is a rental place that provides snorkeling services namely “Sadranan Snorkeling”. Based on the manager, Sardranan keeps the natural beauty of underwater that appropriate for the tourists who are interested in getting to know the underwater closely. You can interact directly with underwater inhabitants such as coral reefs, the beautiful rare and protected fishes.

The manager provides rental of snorkeling gears plus a guide to teach the technique for the tourists who want to study snorkeling on this beach. The guide will invite you to the best snorkeling spots. You only need to pay IDR 50, 000,-/ for rent the gears (swimming goggles, hoses, live vest, swimming shoes, and guide) and trying this sport. This rental rate is valid for two hours. For the beginners, before snorkeling the guide will teach how to use the gears. He will explain how to use a mask that functioned to see the scenery underwater, and how to use snorkel (pipe as breathing tools). After that, the guide will train breathing techniques underwater through the mouth and basic technique to float so you don’t step on the reef. After training, the snorkeler will not panic when facing some problems such as forgetting to breathe through the mouth. Besides that, the snorkeler is taught to attract the attention of the fishes to get closer and not be afraid when approached.

There are several favorite spots that will be showed by the guide, and among of them are Watu Pecah and Kali Senggoro. In these spots, the snorkeler can see the natural marine biota. The awesome coral reefs and endangered species such as Kepe-Kepe fish, Areng-Areng, MArishIdol, Botana Kuning (Yellow Tang), Achilles Botana, Ikan Lepu (Scorpion Fish), Kerondong (Moral Eel), tillers grouper, Belakank, Muniran, Pufferfish, neon fish, and many more.

Before snorkeling, we need to know the right moment to do this activity. We can do it during the low tide, which is in the morning or late in the afternoon before sunset. At this time, the water condition becomes calmer and not cloudy due to wave activity. Besides that, the fishes began to roam in the seawater. Furthermore, the tourists can take a picture while snorkeling underwater. You will get a free photo using the underwater camera when renting of gears with a group (at least five people).

Other than that, there are other challenging activities namely Rafting Wave and Surfing provided on this beach. Rafting Wave is an activity using a rubber tube as a tool for float. You need to pay around IDR 30, 000,/- for trying this activity (for about 2 hours). This activity is suitable when the sea began to tide. Rafting Wave is appropriate for the tourists who want to relax on the water while enjoying the sun and reefs on the beach. Besides that, tourists can try to do surfing activity while the waves start to grow. You need to pay around IDR 100.000,- to rent the surfing board (for about 1 hour) that already provided by the manager.

Furthermore, Sardranan Beach provides an outbound package for the family group. Some of the tools provided include; Bakiak (clogs), Ghoni sacks, pail, and ropes. With the price of IDR 60, 000,-/6 sets, the tourist can share the joy and togetherness with family at Sadranan Beach. Besides that, this beach also appropriates for the new married couple. This place also provides traditional residential-style inn with the price starts from IDR 100,000/night where the location is very close to the beach.

In addition, this beach is appropriate for nature lovers because they can camp. The managers of “Sadranan Snorkeling” also provides a dome tent for tourists. You need to pay around IDR 50, 000,- (capacity of four people) including carpet as the sleeping mats.

For the tourists who are curious and interested, please visit and enjoy the adventure at Sadranan Beach.