Aside from being one of the exotic tourist attractions of Jogja coast, Baros mangrove beach, Bantul is also now being developed as a mangrove crab area. According to the Marine and Fisheries Office of Bantul Regency, said this area will be developed as mangrove tourism, aka mangrove in the Baros Beach region, Tirtohargo Village.

Baros Beach is very unique with a wide stretch of beach and blue sea you can see here. Although unsightly, this beach might not be suitable for you to take a bath or play with water, because this area is still a neighborhood of people who are engaged in fishing.

However, if you want to enjoy the beach try the morning when the sun is looking, because in the morning like that the beautiful scenery immediately can you feel with peace.

Looking at the open sea, let go of all complaints, let the pounding waves and the wind blew it away. The sky is clear, let it wet the feelings of confusion by replacing the bright cheerfulness that will come.

Location: Tirtohargo Village, Baros Beach, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta