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    Sepe The December Flower That Make Kupang City Looks Red

    Sepe, is a flower that we know as Flamboyan. Also known as Delonix Regia, Sepe is given name by the people of Kupang city. The tree is not the great iconic of Kupang city because it can only seen at the end of the year, especially in December. The yellowish-red flower that filled the tree seemed smile on welcoming the rainy season, a highly anticipated season after year-round dry season struck the city. The red atmosphere in various corners of the city turned into a contrast scene that felt in the previous month. The beauty of Sepe flower makes a little hope deeper inside heart and pray and imagine that Sepe flowers can be enjoyed all year long to mood.

    Red hue reflected by Sepe Flower complements the coolness by the arrival of the rainy season. Flower bud shoots that sprung from a previously clawed dry branch and by a brown landscape background into a green landscape became a symbol of new hope for something better in the next year.
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