1. Raja Ampat, Papua
Raja Ampat off the coast of Papua offers some of the best diving in Indonesia. Itís probably one of the best places to go scuba diving in the world. Youíll find over 600 types of coral in the reefs and more than 1,200 species of fish (including the friendly giant Whale Shark). Thatís just below the waves. The scenery is also breathtaking, with more than 1,500 emerald green tropical islands poking through the clear waters of the ocean. Add this to your scuba diving bucket list!

We havenít written a guide to diving in Raja Ampat yet, but we will. In the meantime you can read our guide to Raja Ampat and backpacking in Raja Ampat. These articles cover how to get to Raja Ampat, where to stay and what to do when youíve arrived. We know youíll find them useful.

2. The Komodo Islands
Raja Ampat is exotic, but difficult to get to. The Komodo Islands on the other hand are just as spectacular with amazing opportunities for reef and drift diving. Plus they are a lot easier to reach. All of these facts make the Komodo National Park one of the most popular destinations for snorkelling and scuba diving in Indonesia.

The National Park is also a favourite destination for liveaboards with some boats even running cruises between Bali and Flores. Make sure to check out Manta Point when you visit. The dive site is challenging because of the strong current, but visibility is amazing and on a good day youíll find dozens of mantas sweeping majestically through the ocean. Itís a really special experience.

3. Bunaken, Sulawesi
Bunaken is justifiably one of the most famous dive sites in Indonesia. Like the Komodo Islands its easy to get to (itís just a short boat ride from Manado). The island is surrounded by an impressive coral wall that drops more than 100 meters into the deep blue ocean. There are over 70 species of coral, hundreds of species of fish and if you go on a deep dive youíll even find hammerhead sharks.

There are lots of great dive spot around Bunaken and within the National Park that are suitable for all levels of divers. Visibility is great averaging 20 meters. Beware the current can be strong at certain dive spots. You need to pay attention to your surrounding and your depth gauge. Read our guide for more information on the island.

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