As we know, West Papua is known for its underwater natural beauty. However, this one tourist attraction is also no less beautiful than other attractions in West Papua. This is Wafsarak Waterfall or often also called Warsa Waterfall. Located in North Biak, precisely in Warsa District. This waterfall has a height of approximately 10 meters, and irrigates the river below. The location of this waterfall is also not far from the beach which is no less beautiful.

Visiting this place, you will certainly be greeted with a soothing gurgling waterfall. Not only that, the water in the river under the bluish-green waterfall really tempts you to swim here. Indeed, there are still few tourists who visit here, maybe there is still a lack of information and promotion from the local government. However, this actually adds a distinct advantage for you because you can freely enjoy the beauty of waterfall as if it were your personal property. The scenery around the waterfall is still very natural, you won't even be able to find trash here because the locals really take care of the cleanliness of this waterfall.

Wafsarak Waterfall Access
To get to Wafsarak Waterfall is quite easy because it is located on the edge of highway, but to get to the location you have to walk more than 200 meters. You can travel by car or motorbike from Biak City. Travel time is about 2 hours from Biak.