One area, a variety of marine tourism spots. That's the right word when we visit the Selayar Islands in South Sulawesi. The exoticism of the sea is its flagship.

Takabonerate National Park, a marine park that has the third largest area of ​​atoll (a collection of coral reefs) in the world, is perfect as a world-class snorkeling destination. Not only that, Takabonerate has been nominated to UNESCO as a world heritage site since 2005.

The beauty of coral reefs with various shapes and colors in them, the clarity of sea water, is the main offer that makes national and foreign tourists visit this place. Here, about 25 small islands scattered which could be the starting place for diving. On these islands we can also do snorkeling, sunbathing, fishing, or just relaxing to enjoy its natural charm.

Long Journey The
name is also a beautiful place, to reach it also takes a little struggle. From Makassar, you can take a land route for 5 hours to the Port of Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba. Well, from here we continue to take the ferry for two hours to the Pamamata Harbor on Selayar Island.

From Selayar Island, the road journey continues to Petumbukan Harbor for two hours. Then the sea journey begins again to Tinabo Island in Takabonerate. He exclaimed, we can only use wooden ships to get there. The time needed is quite long, which is six hours! Wait, yes!

Don't worry, the trip won't be boring. Because, the view of the sea will be entertaining. The jump of dolphins around the ship makes the eyes stunned. Especially when he arrived at the location, the fatigue of the trip paid off with a treat of natural charm. We can rest for a while in a rented homestay.

Hundreds of Beaches Ready to Be Enjoyed
On Tinabo Island, there are also many that can be used as recreation areas. In addition to diving, relaxing on the beautiful beach can make a calm heart. Aside from Takabonerate, are there still interesting tours in the Selayar Islands? Of course. Because, there are 150 islands that lay and are ready to be visited.

One of them is Sunari Beach, located not far from Benteng City. The advantage is a stretch of white sand wrapped in a stretch of clear sea water with panoramic sunset in the afternoon. Then, there is Punaga Beach. Exactly if we want to relax while enjoying the waves on the beach. Because the shady trees will accommodate us while relaxing.

Want to enjoy the exoticism of the beach combined with a high cliff panorama? If so, let's visit the West Coast of Baloiya. The nuances of Tanah Lot in Bali will be presented here. Not only that, we can also visit the expanse of charming caves there.

One more interesting and become the main destination in the Selayar Islands, Padang Beach. Inside there are tourist sites for Shipwrecked Goods (BMKT), which contain historical objects left by sailors. Yes, we can enjoy everything in one tour package in the Selayar Islands.