When visiting Manado, tourists usually visit Bunaken National Park. This marine park is indeed famous for its beauty. But if you want something different, from the Bunaken Marine Park, you can also stop by at Lihaga Island.

Lihaga Island is an uninhabited island located in Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency. The island is only 8ha wide, not too big but has extraordinary tourism potential. From a distance alone, it has been seen that this island has a beach with a stretch of fine white sand, which contrasts with the blue of the ocean. The viewer must be impatient to get down and touch this clean white sand. Lihaga also has an attractive underwater world. No need to go far, diving or snorkeling near the beach alone are already seen thousands of fish that swim back and forth.

To reach Lihaga Island, you have to travel about 90 minutes from Manado City to Likupang (Serei port). After arriving at Likupang, you have to continue the journey again for approximately 40 minutes using a local fishing boat. Boat rental prices around Rp800,000 for 20 passengers.

Even though this island is not populated, you don't need to worry because this island has toilets and dressing rooms available. You can also stay overnight at Lihaga Island without worrying about being charged a fee again. But of course you have to provide your own tent equipment because in this place no one provides a tent. In addition, if you plan to visit and stay overnight at Lihaga Island, don't forget to buy food and drinks first because there are no food stalls on Lihaga Island.