Visiting the hidden paradises in West Papua, precisely located in Fakfak, a beautiful place that presents a million of Indonesia's natural beauty, is truly amazing. Papua is known for its exotic natural tourism. Behind its naturalness that is still awake, there is a hidden beauty in it that is so amazing. That's the Kiti-Kiti Waterfall tour, a waterfall that has a combination of waterfalls as well as stunning views of the open sea. Around the location of the waterfall lies panoramic views of mountains, dense green forests, and clear blue seas.

In this area, Travelers will be treated to views of waterfalls, beaches, and the sea. Beach tourism will be obtained when the sea water recedes. Then formed a beach under the waterfall. However, as soon as the tide returns, the flow of the waterfall will immediately fall into the open sea. So the scenery at high tide and low tide becomes very unique. This waterfall is surrounded by very clear water. So clear, Travelers can see the beautiful seabed, full of various marine inhabitants without having to dive or snorkel.

To reach the location of Kiti-Kiti Waterfall, Travelers must take the sea route. The trip starts from the Fakfak port where there is already a speed boat ready to take you to this waterfall tourist attraction. The duration of the trip is quite long, which takes approximately 4 hours. However, along this trip, the Traveler will be spoiled with underwater views and enchanting forest panoramas. Well, because the sea water is very clear, so the underwater panorama is clearly visible from the top of the speed boat.