Handeulum Island is the largest island in Teluk Selamat Datang Banten cluster. With an area of ​​approximately 220 hectares is included in Ujung Kulon National Park area, Pandeglang Regency, Banten.

Handeuleum Island has a million places for true adventurers. Even so, traveling on Handeulum Island must be accompanied by local residents or those who have experience as guides.

In addition to adventure along the Cigenter River like in the Amazon of South America, several tourist destinations on the uninhabited island are the main attraction. Handeulum Island is one of the islands with the best place for camping in Ujung Kulon. Several major camping activities have taken place on this island.

Handeuleum Island offers adventure. On this island there is only one lodging with a capacity of dozens of people. Autobound travelers must make sure to bring complete camping gear when it comes to this island. Some spots are provided to open tents, especially in areas near the beach.

Handeuleum Island has very good sand with very clear water. A typical view on a small island. Some destinations on Handeuleum Island are along the Cigenter area, Padang Penggemalaan Cigenter, and Cikabeumbeum. You can spend two days searching these places. What's more interesting is the use of canoes or kayaks because they have to go along the river.

Actually, there is one inn on island but only for a dozen people. Many tourists choose to camp around the inn. The camp area is not far from a beach full of mangroves. Not far from where the camp was a fishing location. Occasionally a deer approaches, near the inn are tame because they often interact with tourists.

Access to the island is taken from the Sumur District using boat services. The trip takes approximately 1 hour. If from Carita Beach, the boat trip can reach approximately 2 hours.