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    Mount Tangkuban Perahu


    Tangkuban Perahu Mount describes as the well-known yet the legendary tourism object in Bandung, West Java. Its fame becomes the symbol of Bandung’s tourism due to the fact of the legend behind it, thus it will always be remembered by Indonesian. The history of Tangkuban Perahu Mount holds a special value which turns to be the main attraction.
    The controversial legend story of this tourism object derives from the story of a son, named Sangkuriang, who were falling in love with his own mother, named Dayang Sumbi, and married her. For the complete story you can google it and then read it. You’ll find the appealing of this Tangkuban Perahu Mount and decide to visit. For those who have no idea about that, the story spread will urge you to feed up the curiosity and then plan a trip to this endearing natural view.
    Other best attraction to the tourist for making their visit worthy is the fresh air from the highlands. Even though, Tangkuban Perahu Mouth is still active, yet it does not result any harm for the visitors who want to get near in witnessing the beauty of this mount. The extreme difference of temperature with any other area around turns out to be one the reasons of many tourists outside Bandung come and feel the attractiveness to stay for enjoying what Tangkuban Perahu Mount offers.

    For better preparation, you have to know that the average temperature of Tangkuban Perahu Mount area is around 17 degree Celsius in daylight and 2 degree Celsius in night. Thus packing the thick jacket will either be the highly consideration or perhaps the best solution to avoid any unwanted condition during the trip.
    Another noteworthy information about this tourism object is there are three main wide craters which will cost you two hours long if you intend to go around. The operational time of these craters is from 7 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Don’t forget to wear and bring your shoes, a mask or handkerchief, and an umbrella because those are recommended considering the safety of your own. The mask or handkerchief becomes important to avoid the sulfur sting coming from the crater and an umbrella to protect the skin from the sunlight.

    How To Get There
    You can choose the route which directs you to Bandung – Lembang – Ciater. You have to follow Setiabudhi Street to Lembang, and turn right to Subang. Fortunately, there are many traffic information which visitors can lean on. If you use the public transportation, you can use the city transportation from Stasiun Hall to Lembang and it will stop at Lembang bus station. And you can take another smaller vehicle from Lembang to Cikole.
    Another alternative is for you to choose van or others similar vehicle directed to either Subang from Ledeng bus station which takes place at Setiabudhi Street Bandung. From Bandung, you will find a way to Tangkuban Perahu Mount in the left side of the road, right after the pine forest Cikole. Then you will continue for about 3 km from the main gate to your picturesque destination.
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