The main attraction around Sumbawa Besar is Moyo Island, home to deer, buffalo, wild pigs and vast numbers of bird species. The island sits in a nature reserve and is surrounded by coral, making it ideal for snorkelling. A luxury resort owns half the island, but a cheaper way to explore it is to hire a guide via one of the hotels.

Boats arrive at Tanjung Pasir, on the south side of Moyo Island. From there you can hike on the eastern half of the island (the western half is owned by the resort), including up to some waterfalls in the north, and swim off the beach. You may have to pay a park fee, but there is rarely anyone there to request it. There are no official maps of the island, but the hiking is fairly straightforward.

Boats to the island sail from the village of Ai Bari (30min), about 20km north of Sumbawa. The public bemo from Sumbawa Besar to Ai Bari runs infrequently, and to guarantee getting it you will have to be at the market at around 6am. However, it is easy enough to hire an ojek or charter a bemo to get there. Itís advisable to pre-arrange return transport to Sumbawa, and if you want to stay on the island youíll need to bring a tent or rent one from one of the fishermen. There is no water or food available, so make sure you have plenty of provisions.