Sulamadaha Beach
Sulamadaha Beach is located in Sulamadaha Village, Ternate Island District. Sulamadaha Beach is 15 kilometers (km) from Ternate City. This beach is white sand and has clear water, so it is very suitable as a choice to eliminate fatigue.
This beach is also favored by lovers of underwater tourism. Because, the clarity of the water is directly proportional to the beauty of the underwater.

Mount Gamalama
Despite having many myths, Mount Gamalama remains one of the favorite tourist destinations in Ternate. One of the myths is that climbers who want to climb this mountain must be an even number.
Because, if the number is odd, one of them is believed to be wretched in his ascent. The mountain which can be reached in about 30 minutes from the city of Ternate seems to be the center of Ternate Island.
From its peak, climbers are treated to views of the stretch of clove and nutmeg gardens along the slopes of the mountain which has erupted more than 60 times. Really one of the six interesting paradise to visit right?