You are going to realize why Ora Beach is called as The Hidden Paradise right after you arrive there. The picturesque Ora Beach is located in Seram Island, Central Maluku, Maluku. Ora Beach has already attracted many tourists both from domestic and international. Been well-known that this beach is mentioned as the twins of Maldives. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to fly across Indonesia’s border for having the same vibe.

As the matter of fact, Ora Beach is relatively considered as the new tourism spot in Maluku and based on the data shared, there are around 500 tourists in a year and nowadays it is still increasing. 3,5 hours flight from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, will be paid off.

Its calmness charm offers the best peaceful mind and most recommended for you to escape from the bustle day life. Staying peacefully in one of the six floating cottages may be your best way to relax. You will be able to adoring the colorful coral reefs and fish.

Some alternatives options to enjoy the more of Ora Beach are snorkeling, free diving, and perhaps, you wanna walk around the beach, enjoying the grain of sand in your feet while sightseeing. Unquestionably, you will need your camera to capturing the beauty of Ora Beach. Make the most beautiful memory from The Hidden Paradise in Maluku, Indonesia.