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    Bintan Kiteboard Championship in Tanjung Pinang City, Riau Islands Province

    Those who are visiting the Riau Islands Province can see and join a special event in Bintan Island later. It is called Bintan Kiteboard or Kitesurfing Championship. As the name suggests, the event would be attended by kitesurfers who come from numerous regions. In fact, foreigners also join this competition! As for tourists, the event indeed becomes another allure that they can enjoy when visiting the region. One thing, they must come at the right time based on the schedule. It is because the competition won’t occur daily! In this case, tourists can take advantage of a local guide service regarding the time of the event.

    The Nuance

    As for the location, the competition is usually held in Trikora Beach, which is located in Bintan Regency. During the event, the nuance is indeed merry. It is because both the local audience and outsiders would come to the sit for watching. Not to mention the number of participants is quite many, which can reach up to 70 people! Aside from national participants, others come from neighboring countries, as well. For tourists, they can rent a room at Agro Resort first, especially for those who want to spend more than one day there.

    Exploring Bintan Kiteboard Championship

    The presence of Bintan Kiteboard Championship has made the Riau Islands more popular among outsiders and tourists. Once again, everyone should gather information regarding the exact date of the competition first before coming to Bintan. Usually, the event is held during good weather at noon. The main consideration is the strength of the wind, actually. It is because the participants would depend on the wind to move around with their surfboard. Also, the local government would start the event at the beginning of the year, which is in January.

    Watching this competition would entertain and sooth tourists, without a doubt. The audience can even learn more about this sport. At least, they would understand several classes that apply to the race. These include Racing, Hangtime, and freestyle. Each of these offers a distinct allure, so tourists must not miss any of them. It is also recommended to come with a local guide who can explain thoroughly about the race.

    Kiteboarding is a rare sport in Riau Islands Province. However, it has become an annual competition in that region. That means the region has more allures aside from beautiful islands and natural attractions. Even watching this competition would satisfy tourists, especially for those who love water sports. Here is a tip. For the audience, they must not forget to carry a camera for taking photos while watching the race.

    Nearby Attractions

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    • Panglong Village
    • Pengundang Beach

    How to Get There

    The prime destination is Batam City and tourists can get there fast by airplane. From Jakarta City, for example, they can take an airplane at Soekarno – Hatta International Airport and head to Hang Nadim Airport right away. This flight usually takes around 1 hour and 35 minutes. Next, from Batam, they can take a boat at a local port. The destination is indeed Bintan Island and this voyage would take about hours!

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