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    Dayak Tribe in Kalimantan of Indonesia

    Dayak tribe is indigenous people who inhabit Kalimantan (Borneo) land For thousands of years ago, if you are not Indonesian you will think if the photo above is a photograph of the Indians in America, not they are not Indians they are tribes Dayak in kalimantan, The characteristics of the people of Kalimantan kalimantan are slightly slanted-eyed, well-built, there is always a decoration of bird feathers above their heads, and always carry a weapon Sword (Mandau).
    When you see the appearance of the Dayak tribe will not be surprised if you think if the Dayak tribe that is in Kalimntan is a group of primitive and backward people, then the mistake if you think like that. Because 80% of Dayak tribe people are now familiar with the world of technology, only from certain tribes who still do the tradition of living in the forest and move.

    The origin of the Dayak tribe
    The origin of the Dayak tribe is thought to be descended from the Mongolid race, Asia. As it is known that 2000 years BC, the continent of Asia is still united with the island of Borneo. The mongolid race, which was driven by war loses, wandered to the South, from the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak, to Borneo. The Mongol race then settled, setting up a village on the banks of the river, breeding, and building its own culture in the land of Borneo.

    As time passed, the Malay tribes from Sumatra and the Malayan Peninsula, Bugis, Makassarese and Javanese people who had come for a long time, urged the Mongols to be the origin of the Dayak tribe to step in, Huluan river. They are scattered, spread, and inhabit the interior. Each of them then developed their own cultural customs and became the forerunner of the sub ethnicity of the Dayak tribe in the land of Borneo.

    In trace of its history, Dayak tribe actually once established a kingdom named Nansarunai Dayak Kingdom. However, this kingdom did not last long. He was attacked and destroyed by Majapahit kedigdayaan when it was incentive to expand the region.

    The history and origin of the Dayak tribe are also influenced by the culture of the tribe or other nations that enter the territory of Borneo. Christian missionaries such as those who have succeeded in changing the beliefs of the Dayak tribe that animism originally believed in the Book, the Islamic culture brought by the Javanese in the heyday of Demak kingdom has made a small part of the Dayak community to convert to Islam, and the Chinese culture that adds to the diversity of knowledge Their art is like a plate of malawens, pots, and ceramic appliances.

    Apart from the acculturation and cultural influences of other tribes, in fact today Dayak tribe has been divided into 6 stanmenras or 6 clumps. The six clumps, among them clumps of Klemantan, Iban clumps, Apokayan clumps, Murut clumps, Ot Danum-Ngaju clumps, and Punan spreading throughout Kalimantan, ranging from West, East, Central, South and North Kalimantan. Of the six clumps then split again into hundreds of tribes.


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