About Flores

Flores is Indonesiaís next big thing, the island is quickly drawing the attention of travellerís who wish to get away from the tourists in Bali, even the ever-growing Lombok, to see the remarkable sites and get off the beaten path.

Flores is most known for being the gateway to Komodo Island but stay on the island and youíll be treated to a trip through lush green jungles, traditional villages and areas where few tourists have stepped.

The Portuguese once owned this island and named it Flores, which translates to flowers. And though you wonít find many flowers on this island you will find loads of adventure from hiking volcanoes in national parks to some of the best diving without the crowds and parts of Indonesia that are practically untouched.

Few decide to travel to islands this far from Bali but those who have the time should consider adding Flores to their Indonesia itinerary. This Flores travel guide will help you prepare for everything across the island from transportation to Flores accommodation and things to do in Flores.

How to Get to Flores Indonesia

The best way to get to Flores is to fly from Bali. Youíll be in for a treat as the flight from Bali is quite low so youíll also get a scenic flight as you fly over the Nusa Islands, Lombok and other islands. Flying to Labuan Bajo is most common and takes 1 hour. Flying to Mamere or Ende is also an option, both towns are on the opposite side of the island (west side) where you can complete this itinerary backward. Flights from this side of the island are 2 hours from Bali.