Puncak Suroloyo or Suroloyo Peak is one of the best tourist allures in Kulon Progo Regency. As people may expect, the site is suitable to conduct trekking and other highland activities. However, tourists can also learn both the history and legend of the site during the visit. The location is near to the border between Kulon Progo and Magelang Regency, actually. To be exact, it resides in Gerbosari Village and belongs to Samigaluh Sub-District. The popularity is excellent, so it is known among adventurers, trekkers, nature lovers, and local families. These people want to explore the site and watch amazing panoramas from up there! Somehow, the atmosphere is good enough for relaxation and getting rid of stresses.

The Nuance

A route to Suroloyo Peak is considered challenging with its sharp turns. For the information, the site is also surrounded by valleys and hills. After passing through the difficulty, everyone would be astonished by panoramas up there! They can reach the top by walking on available stairs, which is considered steep. On the top, a small gazebo for sightseeing resides. The size is small, though, so it can only accommodate some people. For the information, the site resides on 1019 meters above the sea level. Tourists can even see 4 different mountains and the famous Borobudur Temple on the horizon!

Exploring Suroloyo Peak

The first thing to enjoy in Suroloyo Peak is definitely trekking. It can be done either alone or with friends! Thanks to the nice route. The most important preparation is indeed the stamina. It is because the trekking route is long and challenging. Have no worries. The refreshing air and beautiful panoramas would eradicate the tiredness. After arriving at the viewing post, the scenery even gets better! Tourists should use their camera and collect some photos, too, later!

According to the locals, Suroloyo Peak provides 3 viewing posts to visitors. Here is the tip. The best time for sightseeing is either in the morning and afternoon. The purpose is indeed to watch either stunning sunrise or sunset! At these times, the atmosphere also feels so comfortable. Aside from sightseeing and photography, therefore, tourists can enjoy relaxation and spend a romantic time with a lover.

What is more? Suroloyo Peak also has some interesting ascetic spots including Kaedran and Sariloyo. The sacred nuance can be felt right away in those areas. For tourists or outsiders, they should hire a local guide who knows the legend and history about the site. Also, during a special event, the site is crowded with lots of villagers who conduct Jamasan traditional ceremony.

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How to Get There

From Jakarta City, the best way to reach Yogyakarta City would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. For the information, a flight from Soekarno Hatta International Airport to Adisucipto Airport may take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. After arriving at the airport, it is recommended to take Yogyakarta Wates Street and head to Kulon Progo Regency. The distance is 36.7 km, so the trip would take about 54 minutes. From Kulon Progo, the next destination is indeed Suroloyo Peak. The distance is 38 km and the best route is Sentolo Nanggulan Street. That means this trip is likely to take around 1 hour and 12 minutes.