Yogyakarta Special Region consists of several regencies and all of them are worth to visit. In Bantul Regency, for example, there is an area where tourists can do lots of things like adventure, religious tourism, recreation, and much more! The name is Imogiri Sub-District. In terms of name, “Imogiri” means a foggy mountain. Despite the fact, tourists won’t find any fog there. Instead, visitors may find the famous royal cemetery and some interesting natural attractions to spend their holidays. Not to mention they can get valuable information related to the local history.

The Nuance

It is true that most parts of Imogiri Sub-District are highlands. The west part is dominated by infertile highlands while the east part features steep landscapes with a better condition. When tourists reach the center of the region, they may find sloping landscapes with lots of fertile farms on it. As for the south part, Imogiri features sandy beaches! Knowing this fact, tourists can visit a certain location that suits their vacation preference. Have no worries. This exploration would be efficient if they hire a local guide after arriving at the site later.

Exploring Imogiri Sub-District

Imogiri Sub-District has too many good places for tourists to explore! Thus, it is likely everyone needs to gather thorough information before exploring the region. Still, the most recommended one is the famous Imogiri Royal Cemetery where Mataram Baru Kings were buried. This religious tourism is indeed quite interesting. Not only tourists can conduct photography in that area, but they are also able to learn history and some information! The rumor has it. No one would be able to count the number of stairs on the site. Somehow, these people would lose the count along the way to the top of the royal cemetery!

The next recommended thing to do in Imogiri Sub-District is related to natural adventure. The trip starts in the well-known Mangunan Fruit Garden. On the site, tourists can conduct photography while buying or eating fresh fruits with families. The next destination is definitely the pine forest, which is suitable for trekking and photography. One thing, tourists must not come at noon due to the heat of the sun.

When it comes to a vacation in Imogiri Sub-District, tourists should not forget to buy Tiwul (a traditional snack made of cassava flour. Also, it is recommended to eat this snack while sightseeing at the top of a nearby hill. Some parts of the region have nice highlands to enjoy relaxation and trekking, after all. Thus, everyone must explore it well.

Nearby Attractions

• Giriloyo Cemetery
• Imogiri Cemetery
• Cerme Cave
• Wukirsari
• Giri Mandiri Camping Ground

How to Get There

First thing comes first. Tourists need to reach Yogyakarta City before heading to Imogiri Sub-District. For the fastest trip, it is recommended to take an airplane, though. From Jakarta City (Soekarno – Hatta International Airport), for example, a flight to Adisucipto International Airport would take around 1 hour and 10 minutes. After arriving at the destination, tourists should take Ringroad Timur and Imogiri Timur Street and head to Bantul Regency where the final destination is located. The distance is 20.1 km, so this trip takes approximately 25 minutes.

Where to Stay

• Adiluhung Homestay
• Opak Village Inn
• Subardi Homestay