When people talk about Kulon Progo tourism, most of them may recall the most famous site called Kalibiru. The place is well-known not without a reason, for sure. It offers the best nature and nuance to enjoy outdoor activities like outbound, family gathering, exploration, and many more. The location is in Hargowilis Village and it belongs to Kokap Sub-District, so everyone can reach the site without hassles due to the nice accessibility. For the information, Kalibiru is actually a small forest and has turned into a natural tourist site due to the local government’s policy. Due to such sustainable improvement and management, the site becomes more comfortable and popular over time. Even visitors come from other regions as well due to the curiosity.

The Nuance

As mentioned before, Kalibiru is considered a forest so it comes with lush trees and various plants. The nuance is both shady and comfortable, without a doubt. It resides in 450 meters above the sea level so the air feels soothing enough for relaxation and exploration. The best thing is the site is managed by both the locals and government so it comes with a neat and clean environment. This also explains why visitors can find lots of facilities including a camping ground, inns, outbound site, small toilets, and some best spots for photography. In fact, tourists may find a trekking route to explore the forest!

Exploring Kalibiru Tourist Site

Being well-managed tourist site, Kalibiru definitely won’t disappoint visitors. The fact is many facilities reside there including outbound court, parking area, gazebos, homestay, camping ground, food vendors, toilets, etc. Still, the most popular facility is the one used to enjoy sightseeing. These viewing posts are built on the trees, so tourists can get better panoramas from up there. Have no worries. The management has provided safety equipment and instructions to make sure everyone can get to the top of viewing posts safely.

From the viewing posts, tourists may see the stunning view of nearby hills clearly. In the afternoon, they can even see the romantic sunset and take photos of it using either a digital camera or smartphone. No wonder, the site becomes crowded in the afternoon as many people are likely to watch such wonderful panorama directly. For the information, it costs some money to conduct photography in Kalibiru Tourist Site. Thus, everyone should not forget to carry some cash in order to satisfy such hobby.

The next popular thing to do in Kalibiru Tourist Site is to enjoy outdoor activities at the available outbound facility. Once again, it costs some money to be able to use the facility. Actually, the most famous ones are the flying fox and Monkey Bridge. Make sure to try them all later. What is next? Another thing to do in Kalibiru is none other than relaxation. The fact is the site provides several homestays for visitors to rent during the holiday. It would be a great location to spend a family recreation, no?

Nearby Attractions

• Dipowono Peak
• Lanang Cave

How to Get There

Those coming from Adisucipto International Airport, they may spend about 1 hour and 18 minutes to get to Kalibiru Tourist Site. It is because the distance is 48.3 km. What they need to is to reach Kokap Sub-District first and head to Hargowilis Village afterward. As for the best route, they must choose Magelang – Purworejo Street.

Where to Stay

• King’s Hotel
• Kusuma Hotel