Local people of Sepakung Village in Banyubiru District, Semarang Regency, Central Java begin preparing to welcome tourists. Villagers in the village along with three village youths in the vicinity that is assisted Vino Foundation build the concept of integrated tourism village with name of "Sekkaron Cultural Ecotourism". Sekkaron is a combination of Sepakung Village, Kemambang Village, Kebumen Village, and Tegaron Village. The villages are located in Banyubiru Subdistrict which has its own natural and cultural tourism destination. The four villages collaborate to welcome tourists. Sekkaron is not only rely on natural tourist destinations, but also educational, agricultural and cultural tourism.

Access to "Sekkaron Cultural Ecotourism" is very far away. To reach Sepakung, travelers should be prepared because access to the location is very challenging. The roadside sign beside the road reads, "You are entering the spot of the adrenaline." Sure enough, access to Sepakung is traversed by a very sharp incline. Travelers must be careful to pass the path. But the journey with a sense of misgivings is paid off when you arrive at Sepakung. The village on the slopes of Mount Telomoyo presents good natural and cultural attractions.

Travelers will be greeted with a stretch of rice fields that spoil the eyes. The view is more beautiful with the game and wooden house with scenery of rice fields. At least in the four villages have tourist destinations include Helypad Marep Mungkur, sky bike or hanging bike, Mbalong pond, sky swing, flying fox, and Kali Kulon which have the background of Mount Telomoyo. A number of tradional food products from the local people are also promoted in the village, such as sugar ants, chips, crafts, coffee, and other traditional snacks.

Sekkaron tourism concept began to be marketed by domestic and international tourists, especially to Europe. The concept of tourism is emphasized in the agriculture, plantation, education and socio-cultural sectors. the four villages agreed to work together to support each other between destinations. Tourism that highlighted not only the exploitation of nature, but social culture.

To support Sekkaron tourism, there are currently 2 homestays that have been in operation. Later local people in the village are also trained to make coffee that will be offered to tourists. Local Government continues to work to improve access to the tourist village location. Local people work together to build tourist attractions. Currently there are 38 tourist villages, this Sepakung one of them. Local Government hope foreign tourists come here.

Article Source: https://travel.kompas.com/