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There were local people of Dayeuhmanggung Village that located in the state-owned tea plantation area (PTPN VIII), Cilawu Sub-district, Garut. They started to preserve the environment in this village. They made a move within the special village of the environmentally conscious or "My Darling" Village. Manager of Tea Plantation Nusantara VIII Dayeuhmanggung, Garut regency, Asep Budi Jatmika, said that the emergence of the term My Darling Village came from a movement with the majority of workers of the tea factory to preserve the environment.

The local people maintain environmental sustainability, including optimizing unused factory goods into useful rides for the community. Local people are also used to cleaning garbage, so there are rarely found garbage scattered. There are three things that emphasized by the manager to the community of My Darling Village. First, keep the environment clean. The second is optimizing vacant land with useful plants. Finally, optimizing used goods into new, more useful items.

In addition to providing education through the introduction of the environment, the formation of My Darling Village is expected to inspire other residents to preserve the surrounding environment. In addition to the area of ​​the plantation is still green and broad throughout the eye view, visitors will be spoiled the vast green lawn with a natural canopy of shady trees. Such an atmosphere, especially in the morning, certainly invites the joy of the children.

To turn on the atmosphere, the manager plans to turn the area into a hangout for visitors. With a good arrangement and fresh air of tea plantations, there is guaranteed for your family feel comfortable. Especially at some point, the manager at My Darling Village provides a wide lawn that can be used for eating in the open area. Although the first new visit, many visitors immediately fall in love with the panorama of nature because the surrounding environment is fairly clean.

Although only a year standing, My Darling Village has been visited by many visitors from various regions, especially the southern part of West Java or East Priangan. For those of you who are interested, just come to Dayeuhmanggung Tea Plantation area, Garut, West Java by paying admission only 5.000 Rupiah. You can also enjoy some unique village nearby, starting Kampung Jokowi or Kampung Amsterdam.

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