Tourist destination of Bedengan looks bright. A number of travelers look fun to enjoy the beautiful scenery at that location. There is just a relaxing sit under the trees. There is also a spot in the river that flows between rows of pine trees. Tents of travelers are seen still standing on the sidelines of pine trees and on the edge of a clear stream. Not infrequently, because of its convenient spot for camping, the location is often used for student or community activities.

It's not hard to find the tourist place. From Malang City, travelers can visit to Selorejo Tourism Village in Dau District, Malang Regency, East Java. At the village, there is a citrus farm owned by a resident. Bedengan is lately better known as "The Bedengan Campground Camp" that is located behind the orange garden stretch. From the entrance, travelers have to cross a rocky road about 200 meters to get the location.

Many travelers feel comfortable in that location. Bedengan is an alternative weekend with nature. Many travelers with some friends spend the weekend by camping in that location because of its beautiful nature and clear river. To enjoy the scenery at the area of Bedengan, traveler is only charged a parking rate of 3,000 Rupiah/person at the entrance. Meanwhile, if you want to camp, traveler is charged an additional fee of Rp 10,000 per person.

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